Monday, November 7, 2011

Google Finally Launches Google+ Pages for Brands and Business

Since the  launch of Google+ in June of this year, many brands and businesses have been flooding the system trying to set up profiles. With Facebook Pages being such a success for Social Media marketing, this new platform was said to be even bigger, better and more interactive.

With big businesses made to change their brand pages to those of real individuals, such as ‘Mashable’ to Pete Cashmore, smaller companies where not so lucky, getting suspended accounts from Google even when they successfully connected large amounts of followers to their profiles.
Names Policy Suspended Message on Google+ Profile.

Almost six months later, due to pressure from large organizations, Google finally launches their brand pages. As social media giants like Twitter and Facebook know, business partnerships are key to income and social growth amongst their audiences.

Although only 20 business have been allowed to set up pages on Google+ so far (Macys, Toyota, Pepsi included), Google said that soon any organization will be able to join. How soon we do not know. As long as Google keeps the big boys happy, small business will once again take a knock.

So why is it important as a brand to set up a Google+ Page:
  1. Google will now be including Google+ Pages into its search results.
  2. If you are doing a search on Google you can now ‘direct connet’ with top brands. If you include a + before your search you will be directly connected. eg “+BMW” (This ‘direct connect’ will be available to a limited number of pages.)
  3. There are now actively 40 million users on Google+.

I will keep you posted on when Google+ is opening this up for smaller businesses. Lets hope it is not too long, as small business collectively is still big money in this country...

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