Friday, November 18, 2011

Fashion Brands Fail at Online Video

Kade Spade video's only average 8,000 views

As large fashion brands finally add online video to their marketing mix, it is still not clear whether they have grasped the idea of how viral video works or what makes it appeal to avid YouTubers.

Video should be a critical component of any marketing plan. Done well, video can create a wider audience but with significantly lower costs than a television commercial. 

Other reasons for online video include:
  • Improve a website SEO (Google ♥’s Video)
  • Provide interactive, visually pleasing content for visitors
  • More targeting and cheaper pricing online
  • 2 Billion videos are watched on Youtube everyday

Although fashion houses are clearly pushing larger budgets into these videos, they are just not getting the traffic, nor the viral effect that relevant or interesting content can provide.

One video that recently made the press, that gets my ‘Dislike’ for poor execution is this video by Lanvin for Fall 2011. Skinny, characterless models, in the Lanvin Fall line dancing to a great tune. Not very interesting or funny, and nothing I would want to share... In the 3 months it has been up, it has only averaged about 176,000 views per month. (Kate Spade only got 8,000 total.)

Compare that to this successful video by fashion advisor, Wendy’s Lookout. This video has averaged over 900,000 views a month, she is adorable in the video and in a really fun way pushes out fashion tips that keep you hooked for nearly 5 minutes. Definitely a ‘Like’ for Wendy.

As a marketer, remember that every medium is different, so video execution can’t be handled as an afterthought of a photo shoot. Video’s need to be insightful, interesting and impactful. Then it will be shared again and again and again and again and again...

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